Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser


Hydroalcoholic Gel

Robust and maintenance-free

For high volume areas

• Touch-free, preventing cross contamination.

• Batteries not required.

• Avoid constant bottle replenishment.

Two versions:

– Gel dispenser basic.

Gel Dispenser with built-in thermometer

• Foot operated.
• 5 litre bottle capacity.
• Bottle access through lockable rear door.
• Sturdy stainless steel structure.
• Customisable vinyl allowing advertising and/or branding.

Basic: 1235 mm height x 202 mm width x 305 mm length.
With thermometer: 1720 mm height x 202 mm width x 305 mm length.


1- Secure the base to the ground with 4 M10 screws.
2- Attach the supplied information plate with two screws.
3- Rear door remains closed at all times; only operate to change the gel bottle.
4- Once the carafe is put in for the first time, the purge mode pedal must be depressed so that the gel flows through the tubing until the system begins to dose.

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