Quality System, Corporate Social Responsibility

Transparency, innovation, integrity and excellence


Quality System

We implement a Quality System based on the UNE EN ISO 13485:2003, an adaptation of ISO 9001:2008. (As required by the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/CE).

Our Quality System is audited and certified by Kiwa.

The application of this system ensures the quality of each batch produced and guarantees full traceability from raw materials to end user.

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As a company focused on the Healthcare sector, we have an important responsibility towards society. Vesismin Health takes part on Social Responsibility as a company firmly committed on its workers, the community and the environment. Innovation, excellence, transparency and honesty have always been part of our social will.

Vesismin bets to boost projects which will help improve quality of life for vulnerable people and, also, supports projects which improve the odds of saving lives.

We strive every day to create a happy company, providing value to our customers, employees, investors and society as a whole.