Advice and Training

Advice, seminars and customized workshops

Asesoramiento técnico-científico y formación en higiene hospitalaria


Vesismin not only offer the widest range of disinfectants, we are also infection control experts. We organize seminars and customized workshops for our customers on a broad spectrum of issues, such as:

· Disinfectants and Antiseptics regulatory framework.

· Multi drug resistance and disinfection.

· Infection control trends.

· Main nosocomial infection-causing microorganisms.

· Hand washing.

· Presurgical antisepsis.

· Reduction of catheterization related infections.

· Critical surfaces cleaning.

· Manual disinfection of endoscopes.

· Cleaning and disinfection of incubators.

· Environmental quality.

· Disinfection myths and tales.

· Traceability from raw materials to end user.


Vesismin is at your disposal to advice, develop and personalize clinical protocols of hygiene.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request a tailored protocol or to receive further information.