Disinfection for general use

NDP Air Spray+ uso general

Disinfection for general use

Frequent contact surfaces (switches, handrails, taps, keyboards, etc.) are a focus of germs that are easily transmitted from one person to another, causing the transmission of disease. Therefore, spaces where there is a greater influx and rotation of people (shops, offices, transport, consultations, communities, concessionaires, etc.) require rapid and repeated disinfection.

Spray disinfection

NDP Air Spray+
For surface disinfection (+)

Hygiene and protection

Alcohol-based handrub
Gel Derm
Hand antiseptic (+)

Disinfectant wipes for hands
Gel Derm Wipes
Wipes impregnated with a hydroalcoholic solution (+)

Airborne disinfection

Without nebulizer
NDP AirTotal+ Green CE
Airborne surfaces disinfection (+)

With nebulizer
NDP Air&Surfaces +
Disinfection with nebulizer (+)


Hand hygiene support
Hygiene point
Facilitates hand hygiene anywhere (+)

Hydroalcoholic Gel Dispenser
Foot operated dispenser
Foot-operated gel dispenser (+)