Hydroalcoholic gel

Gel Derm

Gel Derm

Hydroalcoholic dermatologic gel for hands

Gel Derm is an alcohol-based handrub gel, designed as an antiseptic for hands. It is perfect for hand disinfection without the need of using water or soap.

Gel Derm is enriched with emollients which conditions the skin and prevents dryness. It has a rapid antimicrobial action and leaves an excellent dermal sensation. Alcohols exert their antimicrobial action through the denaturation of proteins.

The gel is very effective against a broad range of bacteria (Gram-positive and Gram-negative), Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi and viruses. It contains Panthenol, which cares, protects and moisturizes the skin. Additionally, it helps to regenerate tissue and to maintain a proper level of moisture in the lower layers of the skin.

The product is effective according to EN1500 (hygienic treatment for handrub), EN13727 and EN13624.

Gel Derm

• Rapid antimicrobial action.
• Cares and moisturizes the skin (Pro-Vitamin B5).
• Leaves the skin free of stickiness.
• Non-rinse-off product

• Ethyl alcohol.
• Isopropyl alcohol.
• Excipients q.s.f. (panthenol, propylene glycol, glycerin, perfume).

• 100ml and 500ml bottles.
• 800ml plastic pouches.
• 1L (airless) bottles.

Dispensers and accessories are available for this product.

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