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NDP Kit Surfaces

NDP Kit Surfaces

Wipes for surface disinfection

NDP Kit Surfaces is a simply and comfortable system, designed to dispense wipes for cleaning and disinfecting non-invasive medical devices as well as all kinds of surfaces.

The wipes are made with a highly resistant and absorbent material, enabling an optimal release of the disinfectant. A single wipe can cover up to 8m2.

“…hospital laundering practices appear insufficient to remove microbial contaminants and may even add contaminants to reusable towels”
Am J Infect Control. 2013 Oct;41(10):912-5

NDP Kit Surfaces

Disinfection of surfaces and non-invasive medical devices: hospital beds, stretchers, operating tables, droppers, clinical and dialysis monitoring equipment, incubators, interior of ambulances, etc.

• Bucket: with a capacity of 2 liters and 1 roll of wipes.
• Wipes: 6 or 8 rolls with 90 units each one.
• Stickers: 6 or 8 stickers to note the date and concentration for successive reuses.

According to different needs, the kit can be used with: NDP Med Surfaces PlusNDP SurfaPlus or NDP SurfaClin.

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