Ultraviolet disinfection

Vesismin UV

UVGI based Disinfection of Surfaces

Vesismin UV is a system designed to disinfect surfaces by emitting germicidal ultraviolet radiation in the UV-C band, produced by the ionisation of mercury vapour contained in low-pressure lamps. Ionised mercury produces light at the ideal wavelength (254 nm). It does not generate harmful by-products as it does not emit residual substances. It enables the immediate reuse of facilities in only a few minutes and without subsequent waiting times.

• Total control of the disinfection cycle: energy emission from each tube that is continuously monitored, allowing selfregulation of exposure time, and early detection of imperceptible defects or wear.
• Simple and intuitive three-step programming: connect, confirm time and switch on.
• Two-in-one coverage: foldable and lightweight cover to protect the device during transport/storage, while signalling its use outside the rooms.
• Made with the most resistant materials.

Its effectiveness has been tested in an independent laboratory and under real conditions according to ASTM E3135 standard and on surrogate microorganisms according to EN 14885: bactericidal, yeasticidal, sporicidal and virucidal efficacy, in 6 minutes at 2 metres distance.

Vesismin UV complies with the safety requirements in accordance with the UNE 0068:2020 specification. Manufactured under the ISO 13485 Standard for Medical Devices.

• Open architecture: no central column to block radiation.
• Protective coated tubes for safe handling.
• Eight highly sensitive motion sensors, at different heights
• Emergency stop button and remote control.
• Longer UV-C tubes to irradiate high and low surfaces with minimal shadows.
• Separate and inclined lights: optimized irradiation angles.
• Wide ellipsoidal base: maximum stability with mobility through tight/narrow spaces.

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