Ultraviolet sensor

UV Sensor

Dual electronic dosimeter for UV-C
dose monitoring

Designed for hospital use – Reproductible results – User-friendly

Vesismin UV Sensor allows for a reproductible monitoring and assurance of UV-C irradiance and dose, where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Beyond subjective reading and consumable expenses associated with current colorimetric dosimetry. Now you can objectively and efficiently design UVGI procedures to suit each ward or operating theatre.

Wide angle sensor, for flexible placing and reproductible results. Rugged construction, for real-life use in real hospitals. No cables. Backside magnet and non-sliding surface, for easy placement on vertical areas. Dual dose reader: numeric & colorimetric.

Compatible with every UVGI disinfection system in the market.

According to the scientific dossier of your UVGI system, you will assure the desired disinfection level for each setting

Elements of the Vesismin UV Sensor system
• 4-Digit LCD screen 9 8
• UV-C irradiance measurement button (mW/cm2)
• UV-C dose measurement button (mJ/cm2)
• UV-C dose indicator LED (mJ / cm2)
• UV-C Sensor
• Battery life: 24 hours of continuous use
• USB-C connector for charging
• ON / OFF
• LED charge indicator: full charge in less than 2 hours

Compatible with Bluetooth communication.

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