Spray with alcohol

NDP SurfaPlus

Alcohol disinfectant for all surfaces

NDP Surfaplus is a ready-to-use product for surfaces and non-invasive medical devices.

It has a broad biocide spectrum and rapid action against bacteria and fungi (including Aspergillus).

The product is perfectly compatible with all kind of materials. Furthermore, its formulation with high alcohol content (30%) ensures fast drying and a glossy finish.

• Antibacterial effectiveness according to European standards within just 1 minute.
• Bacteria (EN13697, EN1276): Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli.
• Fungi (EN13697, EN1650): Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger.

Medical Device Class IIa.

NDP SurfaPlus

Disinfection of medical equipment and surfaces: for all kinds of surfaces such as stretchers, operating tables, diagnostic screens, hospital beds, droppers, crutches, wheelchairs, interior of ambulances, steel surfaces, dialysis equipment, etc.

• Outstanding efficacy against molds (Aspergillus).
• 30% alcohol content: fast drying and glossy finish.
• No dilution required.

• Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 70%.
• 2-phenoxyethanol.
• Cinnamaldehyde.
• Isopropanol.
• Excipients and water.

• 750ml spray bottle.
• 1.500L container.

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