4% Chlorhexidine Soapy



4% chlorhexidine soapy gel

Hygiene, antisepsis and skin care

BactiScrub is an antiseptic gel of 4% soapy chlorhexidine for hygiene and antisepsis. The gel format ensures greater dermal absorption of chlorhexidine.

It is a solution for both antiseptic washing of the patient’s skin (surgical, intensive and colonized) and pre-surgical antiseptic cleansing of hands and forearms of the healthcare personnel.

BactiScrub is chemically composed by emollients and free of anionic surfactants, allowing the product to moisturize and take care of the skin. Furthermore, the higher adhesion of the product enhances the sustained effect of the chlorhexidine, acting as an antibacterial barrier and reducing the bacteria on the skin for hours.

The product is effective according to EN1499, EN12791, EN1276 and EN1650. Favor the skin care and moisture (contains Pro Vitamin B5).

“…examining microbial contamination of basins when soap and water was used to bathe patients, bacterial growth in patients’ bath basins decreased significantly with the use of chlorhexidine gluconate, drastically reducing the risk for hospital-acquired infections. Such reduced risk is especially important for critically ill patients at high risk for bacterial infection”
Chlorhexidine bathing and microbial contamination in patients’ bath basins. American Journal of Critical Care. 2012;21:338-343.


Antiseptic patient’s body wash. Hands and forearms pre-surgical scrub for healthcare personnel.

• Chlorhexidine digluconate at 4%.
• Non-ionic surfactants.
• Emollients, excipients and water.

• 100 unit pack of 20ml one-dose sachets.
• 500ml bottle with a pump dispenser.
• 1L (airless) bottle.

Dispensers and accessories are available for this product.

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