Wipes with coloured alcoholic chlorhexidine

Bactiseptic Wipes

Antiseptic with 2% CHG and 70% isopropanol

Single-use wipes impregnated with Bactiseptic Orange

NEW! Now also available in Clear format


Bactiseptic Wipes are single-use sachets containing a wipe impregnated with Bactiseptic, 2% chlorhexidine and 70% of isopropyl alcohol, a combination allowing for an excellent residual effect.

Two formats available:
Bactiseptic Orange Wipes: impregnated with Bactiseptic Orange. The disinfected area is coloured with an intense orange dye, which can easily be removed from the skin.

Bactiseptic Clear Wipes: impregnated with Bactiseptic Clear. Non-coloured wipes, ideal for those applications where dying the disinfected area is not required.

The ‘single use’ format eliminates the risk of cross-contamination due to flasks manipulations. They are filled aseptically in a Clean Room. Ideal for ICU’s, ER’s, ambulances, hospital wards, outpatient invasive procedures, etc.

This format is especially recommended for preventing catheter related infections, as they follow the formula of consensus at the international level for these applications: 2% CHG + 70% IPA (epic 3, Bacteremia Zero, Phlebitis Zero, SHEA/IDSA and AACN).


The wipes are impregnated with Bactiseptic Orange, which is effective according to EN1276, EN12791 and EN1650.

Insertion of lines and catheters, puncture points, blood extractions, infiltrations, surgical field.

• Chlorhexidine digluconate 2% .
• Isopropyl alcohol 70%.
• Water and excipients.

• 150 single-use sachet pack.

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