Instrument disinfection

Desinfección de instrumentos médicos

Disinfection of medical instruments

The growing variety of medical instruments, including electronic, mobile and optic devices, places limitations to the existing sterilization methods and to the use of a large number of high-level disinfection products, that can be harmful to these components. Vesismin offers a wide range of instrument disinfection products.

Instruments with lumen

High level disinfection
NDP Med Concentrado / NDP Med RTU
All types of endoscopes (+)


Non-invasive instruments

Disinfecting foam
NDP Med Foam
For non-invasive instrumental (+)


Detergent for instrumental

Tetra enzymatic detergent
Enzym Med 4
Medical instruments cleaning (+)

Wipes impregnated with enzymatic detergent
Enzym Med Wipes
External cleaning of endoscopes and surgical equipment (+)


Designed for instrumental disinfection (+)