Surface disinfectants

Surface disinfectants

The persistence on surfaces of microorganisms with nosocomial potential can be very extended. In this way, environmental reservoirs have become an issue in hospital settings, particularly when critical patients and/or subjected to invasive procedures are involved.


To impregnate
NDP Kit Surfaces
Surface disinfection wipes (+)


Spray with alcohol
NDP SurfaPlus
For all type of surfaces (+)

Concentrates for dilution

Large surfaces
NDP Med 50
For large surfaces (+)

Delicate surfaces
NDP Surfaclin
For critical surfaces (+)

Airborne disinfection

Without nebulizer
NDP AirTotal+ Green CE
Airborne surfaces disinfection (+)

With nebulizer
NDP Air&Surfaces +
Disinfection with nebulizer (+)

Surface disinfection spray
NDP Air Spray+
disinfects surfaces, sanitizes areas and soft surfaces (+)

Ultraviolet light

UVGI based Disinfection of Surfaces
Vesismin UV

Dual electronic dosimeter
UV Sensor
Monitoring and assurance of UV-C (+)