Hygiene and Antisepsis

Hygiene and antisepsis for skin care

During the past years, abundant scientific evidence has been gathered from the different medical and surgical specialties about the importance of reducing skin bacterial count. That is the role played by modern antiseptics for intact skin and, among them, chlorhexidine-based products stand out given their long-lasting effect.

Antiseptic with chlorhexidine

Alcoholic 2% chlorhexidine Bactiseptic Orange
Prevents surgical site infections, bacteremia (+)

Aqueous 2% chlorhexidine
Aquaseptic Orange
Rapid antimicrobial action and excellent residual action (+)

4% chlorhexidine soapy gel
Hygiene, antisepsis and skin care (contains provitamin B5) (+)

Wipes with chlorhexidine
Bactiseptic Wipes
Individual wipes impregnated with Bactiseptic (+)

Hygiene and protection

Alcohol-based handrub
Gel Derm
Hand antiseptic (+)

Disinfectant wipes for hands
Gel Derm Wipes
Wipes impregnated with a hydroalcoholic solution (+)